.... The Second Most Famous 'Weather Predicting Groundhog

Dunkirk Dave & Bob

[the 1st Cousin of Punxsutawney Phil] Direct from Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania.

- As told by Dunkirk Dave’s handler, Bob Will...........

"As a young boy I brought home a sick and injured groundhog and nursed it

back to health, after many months. Eventually, I released the groundhog back to 

nature. During this time I researched groundhogs because it was difficult to

find anyone who knew anything about or even spoke well of groundhogs.

No one seemed to know anything or care about this special animal that I

discovered to be quite fascinating and unique. Throughout my teenage years 

I became a close friend to Dunkirk Dave. I was very happy that my

wonderful parents allowed me to take adopt orphaned Dunkirk Dave."

Dunkirk Dave and His Weather Predictions....

"My familiarity with groundhogs continued and increased during my college years and I

 wanted to be a teacher. Eventually I brought Dunkirk Dave into the classroom

so they would learn the true facts about him.

Of course, every Groundhog Day, Dave came out of his burrow and 'spoke' to my 

students. [I had learned the Groundhog language and taught it to my students.]

Every Groundhog Day, Dave hurried outside to see if an accurate prediction 

of early spring weather was fortold."

" I later became a State-licensed wildlife  authority and have been a  rehabilitator to 

legally care for sick, injured, and orphaned animals. During this time, I met another 

person interested in groundhogs and caring for wildlife– Bill Verge. Bill became a 

valuable assistant, caring for groundhogs and other hurt or orphaned animals.

Since then I took individual care of small mammals, and releasing them back to the wild, 

whenever possible. 

I have gotten to know many groundhogs over the years. There was 

always a groundhog at home with me to show my students when I brought them to my


Leonard Catalano, head school custodian, mentioned Dunkirk Dave to our 

local newspaper staff. One Groundhog Day, Ron Gustafson and Keith Sheldon, editors 

for the 'Dunkirk Evening Observer', took pictures, wrote an article, and named this 

groundhog, “Dunkirk Dave” 'expert weather predictor.' After the original story was 

published, our local Dunkirk Dave prognosticator became well known. I have asked 

Dunkirk Dave, my local groundhog for over 61 years, to predict the coming of spring

weather. Dunkirk Dave, historically, is the second-longest prognosticating groundhog in

our Country. 

Following a personal visit with Dunkirk Dave and family, Jeb Bobseine,  

a well known newspaper editor from a Masschusettes newspaper, wrote about him -

                                                         "Every Day is Groundhog Day at Bob Will's house!"

Dunkirk Dave
has predicted this for February 2nd, 2019.
He might see his
Shadow! - and we MAY have an early
    Dave eats some 
yummy greenery
  Bob & Friend Dave
       Dave Starts a Burrow
Dunkirk, New York's Prognosticating Groundhog
 For 61 Years!

Dunkirk Dave

World’s Second-Longest Predicting Groundhog!.
Punxutawney Phil's cousin.
 "WE May have an early spring!"
 Spring is right around the corner!!
A video link about Dunkirk Dave for 2019 -
‘Sidewinding’ her way into many hearts

A tribute to Dunkirk Dave by Aline Alexander Newman

As published in the Sunday Observer, 

A book that immortalizes Dunkirk Dave, a groundhog that has become one of the country’s most famous “Animal Superstars” designated a weather prognosticating “weatherhog”. This bestselling unique story has been accepted by National Geographic’s Kids Chapter series, and is prominently featured in Silver Creek’s Anderson Library, Fredonia’s Barker Library, Westfield’s Patterson Library, and the Dunkirk Free Library.

Dunkirk Dave, being a real live animal, is a favorite to young children and has spread throughout the country as a part of the historical record. The story of “Sidewinder” alias Dunkirk Dave, has recently been awarded one of the best books by Amazon for children 6 to 8 years old, and is the only non-fiction that was recognized by the largest book company in the United States. This wonderful book stands out above the thousands of children’s books published last year. [Dunkirk Dave’s participation has had a great deal to do with the success of this book.]

Bob Will, a retired special education teacher and New York licensed animal rehabilitator, has been helping revitalize injured animals of all kinds since he was a boy. People have learned of Bob’s skill and empathy for injured animals and bring him small and large animals because of his gentle touch. As this groundhog’s reputation grows so does the Ground Hog Day predictions of “Sidewinder” – Dunkirk Dave throughout the country. Bob shares his residence with other rehabilitated animals that can’t be released into the wild because of their limiting injuries. Bob has a knack with wild animals and treats them as part of nature and not as pets even though he takes great care of each and every one of his charges.

Bob bears the cost of nursing the animals back to health. Donations are always accepted, but not solicited. Bob’s big heart is a gift, and the animals that stay in his care sense his devotion to their survival.

"We will have an early Spring...maybe", Says me.