Smith Corona*
Owner's Manual
Where to start? How do I type?
  • Plugging the typewriter into a wall socket, is the first step.
  • You look at it and know that you need to turn the machine on.
  • There are keys, a knob, a paper guide, a platen, a space bar, and other buttons and toggles you may not recognize.
  • Then ??????
Are you stuck? Frustrated? You are scratching your head and wish you knew what to do next?
     You need a User's Guide.... an Owner's Manual!
You look all over, and then discover that you've either lost your Manual for the typewriter you just acquired or you don't have one. Now what do you do?
You've come to the right place!
When you found Will Repair Service you quickly discovered that 'here' is the answer to your dilemma.
We have the Manual you need!
in fact
we have every manual that Smith Corona* ever published!!
  All you have to do is contact us by phone, e-mail,
  or FAX, and let us know your model number.
  You will be able to order the Owner's Manual
  for your Smith-Corona typewriter or Word Processor.
Call or write to us. We can help.
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*Smith Corona is a registered trade mark of Smith Corona corporation